Friday, February 24

Saturdays Image Write #4

Welcome to Saturdays Image Write #4

Each week we have 2 images to write about. You can write about both if you have the time. You can use these images on your blog with your work I'm making sure there's no copyright infringement.

When writing for image prompts you can write about the whole picture, what's happening in the picture, or just one aspect of the picture. Sometimes an image will have nothing recognizable in it, the important thing is how does it make you feel?

Use any form you'd like for your poem. You have a week before the Linky runs out.

Instructions for the write are on the sidebar. Invite your friends to write. May the muse be with you!

Image Write #4, 2/25/17

Photography by Reuters

Artist: Unkown

I know we don't have many people writing yet but I think we'll get more. The problem is getting the word out and it will take time so I ask for your patience.

I included the groups I actively write with under Poets Wanted on the sidebar. Drop in and write with us if you don't already, all are friendly fun groups to link with.

Please link up below, leave a comment and don't forget to visit other people's work:


  1. I like the rainbow in the first picture.

    If you know local artists, you might ask them to offer a couple images of their work to be used for these ekphrastic prompts. This would promote the artists' works at the same time as giving us an image prompt which promotes our poetry. I remember Mish doing something like that on dVerse with Ally Saunder's work. This might get more people to participate, but there does not have to be a lot of participants for this to be worthwhile. I usually need some excuse to write something or I will find many excuses not to.

  2. Just posted something about a rainbow.

    1. That is excellent advice! I just hope you like my taste in at. Lol! I like excuses to write too. I've been busy writing and animating besides my bike riding but I'll write something this week. I notice you like the nature photos best. Next week I'll do Gary Lo. I was going to include my work but don't want you guys to think I'm abusing a captured audience. Lol! I'm saving these (your write) to savor later. Have a good week!


Please come back during the week and check for new posts not everyone links the first day. I love hearing what you think so don't be shy. Thank you for writing I appreciate your time!