Saturday, March 4

Saturdays Image Write #5

Welcome to Saturdays Image Write #5

Each week we have 2 images to write about you can write about one or both if you have the time. You can use these images on your blog with your work I'm making sure there's no copyright infringement.

When writing for image prompts you can write about the whole picture, what's happening in the picture, or just one aspect of the picture. Sometimes an image will have nothing recognizable in it, the important thing is how does it make you feel?

Use any form you'd like for your poem. You have a week before the Linky runs out. You can revisit any photo and write for it later and link on the current Linky.

Instructions for the write are on the sidebar. Invite your friends to write. May the muse be with you!

Image Write #5, 3/4/17

Surreal artist: Samy Charnine

Artist: by korinrochelle on Deviant Art

I had a flood in my kitchen last week so this is a little late (I usually do it on Friday for today.) I want to include more information about the artists I use and promote some local artists so look for this next week.

I included the groups I actively write with under Poets Wanted on the sidebar. Drop in and write with us if you don't already, all are friendly fun groups to link with.

Please link up below, leave a comment and don't forget to visit other people's work:


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    1. Awesome, Frank! Thank you for writing!

  2. I wrote about the bed first and will do the moon soon, maybe in June? Lol!


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