Saturday, March 18

Saturdays Image Write #7

Welcome to Saturdays Image Write #7

This week I'm featuring the imaginative photography of San Francisco photographer Gary Lo. Gary is a good friend of mine on Google where his work is well-known but not much is known about him. I did a search and only found a note about him being an amateur photographer but his photographs of the Bay Area and flowers are colorful, gorgeous and popular on social networks.

When writing for image prompts you can write about the whole picture, what's happening in the picture, or just one aspect of the picture. Sometimes an image will have nothing recognizable in it, the important thing is how does it make you feel? What can you say about it?

Image Write #7, 3/18/17

Photographer: Gary Lo

This famous neighborhood is known for the "Painted Ladies", historic homes in San Francisco painted in many bright colors. This iconic area of the city is used in movies and TV shows. These homes are very old representing another time in the city by the bay. 

Use any form you'd like for your poem. You have a week before the Linky runs out. You can revisit any photo and write for it later and link on the current Linky. Just make sure the link on your poem for that week goes to the original write #. I am using Linky for free so I can only use one at a time but you can go back and read past links for any particular write.

You can copy any images for your write I'm making sure there are no copyright infringements. Instructions for the write are on the sidebar.

May the muse be with you!

Next Saturday tune in for a prompt from my own animated artwork. Since my work is mostly made up of colors and shapes it'll be interesting to see what you come up with.

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  1. I'm sorry this is a little late I've had a busy week of writing and my bike broke down so I had to get it into the shop. I started a poem for #6 and just need to finish and post it. I must have written 6 poems last week. (Not a very good example for my own weekly write I agree. Lol!)

  2. That is a very colorful image by Gary Lo. Very beautiful!

    1. I think I replied by email instead of here. He is very good and his flowers are fantastic.

    2. I checked his Google+ site. He is very good. I linked a poem giving my impression of these houses on the hill.

    3. Thank you for writing, Frank! I'm off to read it. So happy you liked Gary's work.

  3. Ok I got mine up. It just so happened to link with the Toads prompt, home.


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