Friday, March 24

Saturdays Image Write #8

Welcome to Saturdays Image Write #8

This week I'm featuring my animation artwork. I'm curious to see what you come up with because even if I use recognizable images you can't always see them. I'm giving you 2 images to pick from, one is shapes and colors and the other is a sunset through trees.

I've been an artist my whole life working with all kinds of mediums but digital is where it's at for many reasons. It only takes a computer, software, and time to make your own. Today, there are many free online sites that give you special animation effects so that anyone can try their hand at making them.

If you want to try these they are all free. You may have to make an account and log in. I've tried them all.
Animated GIF files came out in 1987. The Graphics Interchange Format (better known by its acronym GIF) is a bitmap image format that was developed by US-based software writer Steve Wilhite while working at the internet service provider CompuServe and has since come into widespread usage on the World Wide Web due to its wide support and portability. They have come a long way baby.

I became interested in them immediately when Windows started using animated cursors and such for themes. The color and movement grabbed my imagination and by the 90's I was collecting them. Once I bought my first animation software there was no going back. Today, I have one of the largest collections of GIF files that I know and I've tried about every kind of animation effect I could figure out.

Now I pair them with my poetry and share them on social networks that allow GIF posting. (Some, like Facebook, restrict their use because of bandwidth and other concerns.) I've animated other people's art and photography (with their ok of course) and I'm experimenting on animating my poetry.

I like to do animated kaleidoscopes and mandalas which I share in a collection on Google+. While doing the normal square shaped kaleidoscopes I happened upon a happy software mistake on a free site I use and my round, mandala-style kaleidoscopes were born.

Image Write #8, 3/25/17

Artist: Bekkie Sanchez (I use Bekkie for my artwork.)

When writing for image prompts you can write about the whole picture, what's happening in the picture, or just one aspect of the picture. Sometimes an image will have nothing recognizable in it, the important thing is how does it make you feel? What can you say about it?

Use any form you'd like for your poem. You have a week before the Linky runs out. You can revisit any photo and write for it later and link on the current Linky. Just make sure the link on your poem for that week goes to the original write. I'm using Linky for free so I can only use one at a time but you can go back and read past links for any particular write.

You may use these images for your take I'm making sure there are no copyright infringements. Don't forget to visit other people's work and include a link back to Saturdays Image Write on your post.

All instructions for the write are on the sidebar. May the muse be with you!


  1. I hope this is easier on the eyes! Can't wait to see what you write, have a great weekend! Big hug!

  2. Bekkie Ma'am,
    So wonderful of you to have revealed the various websites on digital art. Hank loves art too. Done all medium but lately more on acrylic and pastel. Never gone into digitals which should be more versatile and in keeping with the times. Will now go more into it. Thanks for sharing Bekkie. You may wish to view some of my works at my Easels and Colours given below.In fact it had been neglected for so long.

    PS It has also rubbed on to Hank's eldest grandie Norman. (some of his works are also there)


    1. That is amazing art, Hank! You could so animate your golfer and more! It just takes frames. Even my phone has simple animation on it and Google+ has a place to animate for free in there photo area. Animation made a big comeback in 2013 and now everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Can't wait to see what you do. If you want any help let me know. When I get online proper I'll read your poem. Thanks for writing! Hugs!

      PS Your grandson is going to be a good artist! When I was a kid, I drew horses. Lol!

    2. Thanks Bekkie Ma'am,
      Norman is more fascinated by superheroes. Hank ought to encourage him to try animals as you had done. The lines and shadows on living things will give more character to the end result. Yes, will do that. Hank will now also experiment on what is available on the digitals. Would appreciate very much your kind help later on! Thanks a lot!


  3. The think I will write something on the first one with the more varied colors. Nice animations!

    1. I'm on my way to read it now, Frank, and then write my own.

  4. Ok, mine is up. Next week I'm not sure what I'm going to post I have a few things in mind. Hugs!

  5. I can't see my link, if it's not there let me know.


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